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Brynn Malone

Brynn Malone is an emerging artist focusing on abstract, expressionistic work.  Her work explores concepts of growth and change in the natural world and within the self.  Her goal is to highlight the relationship between light and color and encourages her audience to mentally explore her abstract landscape, finding their own meaning in the forms.  Her latest series “Nature” is an exploration of shape, texture and impressions. It incorporates colorful, impactful constructs as well as impressions of the natural world, asking her viewer to find the possibility hidden in each moment.  Brynn recently moved to North Park and is a student at Peterson School.


Dean La Prarie

Dean La Prairie is a North Park resident and an editorial photographer whose work has appeared in Smithsonian magazine, Air and Space, Fortune, Lingua Franca, New York Times, Peoples, Reader’s Digest, among others.  He is the recipient of two Ontario Arts Council grants and has studied Fine Art Photography at Ryerson University in Toronto.


Dirk Matthews

Dirk Matthews uses photography and film to explore impermanence and the human experience. The point in time where change is imminent creates a shift in the emotional and physical experiences. Architecture reflects history and creativity; the moment a building collapses creates shifts in time and memory. Documenting this process creates an historical reference and a point of reflection. Dirk incorporates his experiences as a counselor, educator, commercial and fine art photographer, documentarian, and career advisor to explore the many facets of these themes. Currently working on his Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology with the goal of helping arts organizations and fine and media artists thrive in today’s economy. | Website

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Jane Friedman

For Jane Friedman, a North Park resident, collecting resplendent leaves, seeds, pods and flowers has been a lifelong ritual. Foliage from maples, ginkgoes, ashes, hawthorns, aspens and more reposed in heavy books, happily surprised her as they occasionally tumbled out years later.  But on a trip to New York State, her leaves were gingerly pressed between newspaper pages that grew, figuratively, tall as mighty oaks. A spontaneous exuberant cry, “They’re so beautiful, other people have to appreciate them too!” sparked an intense desire to move them center stage. Today vibrant, muted, mottled, distorted and even perfect omni-color leaves conveying attitude, whimsy or grace rest in a range of hanging and tabletop frames. She hopes that they may soothe and delight the viewer.


Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller is a 19 year old North Park resident and looking forward to the day she can call herself a tattoo artist! She has worked on her art for quite sometime and was always told that she should go somewhere with it. She figured she would give it a shot and display her art at the North Park Art Walk. She never considered herself to be top notch, but her supportive family and friends encouraged her, and she learned to accept that title. She had dreamed of her art becoming something more than just some doodles and sketches. She says “…being part of North Park Art Walk is definitely helping me feel like more than that”. 


Jose Aggari

Jose Aggari is a North Park resident who works with oil on wood. His artwork focuses on the relationship between man and nature by incorporating both architectural and natural elements into his paintings. He begins by applying thick layers of paint to the wood and then with spontaneous strokes with a palette knife slices through the canvas creating complete overlapping shapes and forms. Most of his work is based on nature. He finds inspiration from the sun, moon, forest, water, fire, and birds integrated with manmade elements that consist of houses, caves, architecture and printable typography. Dynamism or motion is a common denominator in his work. He wants his art to be engaging and involve the audience to create their own interpretation of his work.

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Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson is a North Park artist with over 20 years experience in creating art and design. He studied Art and Design at Northern Illinois University and later went on to lead the strategy and creative departments of such prominent firms as Source Inc, Anthem World Wide, and Publicis Groupe. He has received multiple awards for his work in the field of design: London International Advertising Awards, Mobius Advertising Awards, Clio Award Recognitions, and a Communication Arts Award of Excellence. His recent work is a series of oil paintings that capture a time of day, the moments long after the sun has set and tomorrow is just within reach. The mysterious and serene time conveying the subtle reflective qualities of when light meets darkness, and when land meets shore.