Jeffery Hanson Varilla and Anna Koh Varilla

Jeffrey Hanson Varilla and Anna Koh Varilla are a husband and wife sculptor team that has been working on public monuments for over twenty years. Stylistically, their work reflects a passion for ʻClassic Realism”. They have produced religious and secular works for many locations around the country and overseas. Their goal as artists is to incorporate the artistry learned from the great masters of the past with the visions and aspirations of our society today. They believe that a work of public art should harmonize with the environment, clearly communicate ideas to the viewer, and should reflect the sincerity of the artist. They are Fellows at the National Sculpture Society. Anna and Jeff are artistic force behind and curators for the 2017 North Park Art Walk. | Website

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David Abed

David Abed focuses on bringing both a textural intimacy and a poetic illumination to each object and figure. He works to carefully unveil the truth and energy buried within each pear skin or fallen branch or strand of hair. With a capacious eye for detail, Abed presents figures and sweeping landscapes within hubs of color and reveals a absent narrative: one drawn from all things compositionally absent; thus the language within Abed's work encourages each viewer to cooperatively build his or her own visual account. Abed's pieces resonate with an unbridled sensuality, a wildness with a surreal undercurrent, and a raw precision without sentimentality or self-consciousness. 


Bill Schick

Bill Schick describes himself as a maker. He loves the thrill of building something new, something that's never been made before. His passion to make things has guided him through a career in the industrial arts world for more than 30 years. In 2007, Bill opened Schick Furniture, where he specializes in handcrafted furniture, sculpture, and decorative items. His designs are modern in style — a blend of classic shapes, ordered chaos, and old-world joinery. Bill’s goal is to offer every customer on-the-fly, furniture customization,  through the use of CAD technology and CNC equipment. He finds inspiration from mid-century modern furniture, robots, and a healthy desire to push the boundaries between furniture, sculpture, art, and technology. | Website


Melinda Whitmore

Melinda Whitmore received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art and BA degrees in Art History and Studio Art from Indiana University. She held an assistant curatorial position in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago and sculpts anatomical models for many of the country's top anatomical supply companies. In 2008, Melinda won the top prize for The National Sculpture Society's Figure Sculpture Competition and in 2010 was awarded the Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize for Classical Sculpture by the National Sculpture Society. In 2014, she was awarded a Purchase Prize by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Contemporary Realism Biennial and was a semifinalist for the prestigious London BP Portrait award in 2016. Melinda teaches anatomy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in the Medical Humanities department at Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine. She is also co-founder and principle instructor at Vitruvian Fine Art Studio in Chicago | Website

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Ronald Seymour

Photography is in Ron Seymour’s blood. His father is Maurice Seymour, a noted theatrical, ballet and portrait photographer from 1925-1974. Ron grew up in the studio, and worked as an assistant, negative retoucher, printer and finally as photographer. In the early 1960s, Ron developed interest in commercial photography and worked on major campaigns for some of Chicago’s largest advertising agencies. In 1967, he opened his own studio, specializing in advertising illustration, annual reports, corporate brochures and photojournalism. Clients included many of Chicago’s most prominent health care, not-for-profit associations and industries. Ron is also well known for his insightful black and white portraits. From 1975 to 1999, Ron lectured at various classes and conducted workshops on "The Nude" for Columbia College in Chicago. His work has been shown extensively in galleries throughout Chicago and is in permanent collection at The Museum of Contemporary Photography


Tristan Meinecke

Tristan Meinecke (1916-2004) was an American artist, architect and musician who spent most of his life and career in Chicago. He was married to television and radio actress Angel Casey.His widely varied body of work explored abstract expressionism, cubism and Surrealism, and included the invention of the split-level painting technique.In collaboration with architect Robert Bruce Tague, Meinecke built and rehabilitated many properties in and around Lincoln Park, Chicago. Meinecke's endeavors were numerous, and included poems and essays and at least one short story.However, the majority of his creative efforts fell into three categories: visual arts (including painting and sculpture), architecture and music. Throughout Meinecke's life, he never deviated from this philosophy of artistic rebellion. | Wikipedia


Katie Duffy

Katie Duffy is an artist, designer, developer, and educator from Chicago. They received their MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Duffy’s ongoing project, Hack the Patriarchy, which aims to teach artists how to use code as a material, was a 2016 recipient of The Contemporary Museum’s (Baltimore) Grit Fund. Duffy is currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. Recently Duffy has shown at School 33 Art Center, Arlington Art Center, Satellite Art Fair during Miami Art Week, and Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA, with an upcoming two person show at the South Bend Museum of Art. | Website

Paige Lunde

Paige Lunde is a Ph.D. candidate working on her dissertation in order to resituate art in education through The Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA) in Philosophy of Art Theory and Aesthetics. She also works as an Artist, Art Educator, and Arts Advocate living in the Chicago area.

Michael Bertorelli

Michael Bertorelli developed his own unique printingmaking process in the early 1970s during his studies at the University of Illinois - Congress Circle and the School of the Art Institute. By manipulating a thermoplastic plate with heat sources, he is able to generate a wide variety of marks and textures. He prints on a Dickerson electric combination flatbed press using 100% cotton rag paper and Graphic Chemicals etching inks. | Website


Judith Nolan

Judith Nolan, a resident of Evanston, Illinois, sculpts in clay, bronze and stone.  She studied drawing and clay sculpture in the Studio Programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and with Anna Koh Varilla and Jeff Hansen Varilla where she learned the classical figurative form. Her most recent work is created from stone.  She studied with First Generation Shona from South Africa and most recently with Frank De La Roche, a well know sculptor from Quebec, Canada. Her work is featured in the Henriette Delille Museum and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana, and pictured in a coffee table art and history book of St. Louis Cathedral. Her work is also featured in Nigeria, Africa and in several private collections. 


Janet Metzger 

Janet Metzger received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 and an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989.  She is currently living in Chicago raising two wonderful sons with her husband Nik and eking out as much studio time as possible.


Lisa Harris

A native of Chicago, Lisa Harris has been a ceramic artist and instructor for 30 years. She maintain a studio at Lillstreet Art Center. Her work has explored many areas: vessels and murals, bas-relief tiles for kitchen and bath installations, and custom tile award plaques. Lisa is especially drawn to the urban industrial landscape (the grittier the better) and have incorporated those images as drawings on clay or as sculptural vessels such as teapots a that resemble water towers, silos, and grain elevators. She has exhibited her work in juried and invitational shows locally and nationally. As an instructor, Lisa have led many workshops and projects, including murals for public schools, tile workshops, and World Pottery at the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently teaches adult advanced classes in throwing and hand-building at Lillstreet Art Center and the Evanston Art Center. | Website


Keith L. Andrews

Keith L. Andrews has a Ph.D. in Entomology, but is a self-taught sculptor and humanist who uses sculpture to investigate themes such as empathy, isolation and interconnectivity. He lived in Guatemala and was president of TEA Sculptors in El Salvador. The adjectives best used to describe his works include playful, erotic, questioning, brooding, ambiguous, expressive, humanist, and discomforting. Most of his work focuses on the dualities and contradictions in life — masculinity and femininity, biology and technology, and me and you. He is proud that his work is non-idealized and biologically respectful and feels they tell the truth. Keith is fascinated by human diversity and intrigued by how complex and contradictory Homo Sapiens are.


Jane Sassaman

After a varied career in the design world, Jane Sassaman began to quilt in 1980. She found that these “soft paintings” satisfied the draftsman, craftsman, and artist in her.  She is now a dedicated quilt artist and fabric designer. Her art quilts have been shown in many national and international exhibits, including Quilt National and Contemporary American Quilts (the first major exhibit of American art quilts in England). Her quilt “Willow” was named as One of the One Hundred Best American Quilts of the Century. Jane is also the author of The Quilted Garden, which features twenty years of her work as well as exercises for making nature-inspired quilts.  Her designs -- which are created for quilts, wearables and home decorating -- are oversized and colorful and have been coined as “William Morris on anti-depressants.” Her latest book, Patchwork Sassaman Style, beautifully illustrates her fabric in action. | Website

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Bill Moran

Bill Moran was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964. He received his MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University and his BFA degree in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design. He shows his work extensively in the Chicago area. He has exhibited at the University of Illinois, C.J. Jung Institute, Elmhurst Museum of Art, Maloney Copper Gallery, Morpho Gallery, Gallery 312, among others. Bill is the Principal of Moran Studios, a design studio which produces fine and decorative art the scope of which includes installations, archetectual objects, murals, mosaic, tile, stained glass and dyed concrete. He also works as a community art organizer, curator and educator. He paints primarily from memory, exploring his subject matter through a palette of ethereal color. His figures appear dreamlike, wafting and floating throughout the compositional space. Moran’s narrative paintings, sometimes refered to as Magical Realism, call to mind musings of domesticity, remembrance, and comfort, and evoke a complex sense of mystery, menace, humor, and awe at the beauty and absurdity of life. | Website

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Donna Bliss

Donna Bliss earned a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received an honorable mention in the Senior Fellowship Project. Since graduating, she has split her time between building her career as an event planner and creating art. Bliss draws inspiration from being surrounded by artists, and currently serves at the Vice President for Creative Development at the Zhou B Art Center. She also serves as the Director of Development and Communications for Art Encounter. Bliss describes her artistic vision as "finding beauty in unexpected places." Her work marries soft sculpture, print making, drawing, fashion, and painting, with found objects such as rusted nails, pieces of old wood, and discarded molding. Bliss has shown her work at the Zhou B Art Center.

Francine Gourguechon3.jpg

Francine Gourguechon

Francine Gourguechon's mosaic sculptures are composed from found objects that she encrusts in art glass, stones, sea creatures, bullet shells, ball bearing, semi precious stones, and other materials. The forms pertain to the body, and are chosen for their inherent beauty of shape and intriguing presents. Gourguechon is inspired by the body decoration that appears in every culture, which is used to symbolize seduction, ritual, social standing, or threat.

Shelly Terman  Canton-Sigmund-Freud.jpg

Shelly Terman Canton

Shelly was a force--artistically, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Born with an enormous facility to draw she spent her life perfecting this skill. She had a love of line, printmaking and figure drawing. Her palate predominantly pen and ink, light washes and earth tones. Shelly was bound to strong ideals and a drive to express them, her subject matter vacillated between subjects that are loving, subtle and nurturing to bold, political and intense. Trying to find a way to integrate empathy and cruelty, love and fear as well as the naivety of children with the brutality and inequity of life, were thematic in her work and her life.


Seung Jae Kim

Kim was born in South Korea and has finished his BFA in Korea. He got MFA in fine art photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had shows in LA, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Toronto, Azerbaijan, China and Korea. He was awarded fellowships and prizes from Nippon steel, the Vermont studio center(full scholarship), Beverly art center, South shore art center, Northern National Art Competition(Award of Excellance) and Ahl foundation. He also had artist residencies in Nebraska (Kimmel Harding Nelson center), New York (Catwalk residency) and Vermont (Vermont Studio Center). Kim is working artist residing in Glenview, Illinois. | Website


Craighton Berman

Craighton Berman is a designer, illustrator, and creator based in Chicago. Craighton combines sketching and design-thinking to yield an unique style of illustrated storytelling. Additionally Craighton is the founder & creative director of Manual, a brand that designs products to celebrate slow food & drink. He has design work in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago; he was the first designer ever to use Kickstarter to launch a product; he once taught a drawing workshop to Disney Imagineering; and his drawings are featured in a YouTube video with over 21 million views. | Website


Trudy Rafelson

Trudy Rafelson is a longtime student of the arts taking classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, clay and metalsmithing.  Trudy Rafelson has shown her work at the Wells St. Art Fair, Menomee Japanese Center, Carver Community Center Gallery, La Zona Arte, Inspire Fine Arts Gallery, UTSA fine arts gallery – Black History month, San Antonio Ethnic Art Society and other group shows. She has studied with the Koh-Varilla Guild and displayed her art at the class shows.